Monday, April 27, 2009

The Void

Work hard,
Fight through struggles,
Always strive.
Focus on what you want,
And go get it.
Accomplish things
no human has done
In one lifetime.
You are the “Don”
Of the human race
Everybody is counting on you.
And won’t
Let them down.
I have it all,
But I don’t have
Damn, where is my happiness?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Love Ones

Have you ever contemplated on the individuals who say “I Love You?”
Love, a deep passionate emotion that a one time we all have felt.
Humans are untrustworthy, selfish almost impossible to judge their hearts.
Now I am watching everybody that claims to love me.
But is it real?
Cause sometimes I don’t love them back
Life would be so much easier if I only loved myself.
Cedric Pierce, the only human that counts, fuck everybody else.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Last Day

As I lay on the ground, head split open, about to die
I pray, “Dear Lord spare me from the lake of fire”
Don’t let my mama cry, and tell her that I tried
I’ve been sinning for so long
My heart won’t let me do what’s right
I can’t believe on this earth, this is my last day
Living in the cruelest ways, now for my sins I must pay
No fear my nigga, cause I knew death was near
My body gets cold, as I flash back over the years
All the suffering and pain, living in the game
Not much attained, but forced into an early grave
And I’ll be damn, it you see tears fall from my eyes
I wasn’t the target, but in my face, I was hit by the drive-by
My vision becomes blurry, but I see my sister, kneel on her knees
She hugs me, begging me to hold on
I hear “I Love You,” as I drift into eternity

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hip Hop

I was conceived out of hunger, birth to deliver a message
I protect and convey expressions, to assist the most helpless
I transition, however never forsake the streets
I was born in alley's, now I collaborate international peace
I start from a thought, spill off a tongue
You can fill my spirit, internally squeezing your lungs
I make you hot, cold, love, and feel my pain
If you never hugged the block, I allow you to experience the game
One word, one sentence becomes a bar
I take the unimaginable, turn them into super stars
Against all odds, without patience, I defy them
I took a hustler, Shawn Carter, made him a corporate giant
I stabilize economies, put food on tables
For some, I have truly been a savior
Imagine a world without me!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I was born a living thing, caterpillar, crawled amongst the giants.

I ate the leftovers my predators left behind, not knowing I was prey myself.

Survival wasn’t a choice, it was a way of life, living in soil.

I met species of my kind and watched death captivate their existence.

Through my course of living, I fell unconscious, part of my cycle.

I awake transformed with two wings, I was beautiful, I could fly.

Very cautious, I skillfully mastered my environment.

Before people would step on me, now they desire to touch me.

Would you have killed me before I transformed?

But after my transformation, will me to survive longer?

My breed is on the verge of extinction.

However our population is plentiful.

Don’t destroy us before our time of metamorphosis.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Confession

Lord I’m so confused, tired of living my life being used
My elders advised me, when I get tired of running turn to you
So here I am God, arms open, praying in your name
Knowing when I rise from the pavement, I’ll never be the same
So now I confess my sins to the heavens
In my lifetime I’ve experienced greed, and have often been jealous
I’ve suffered with lust and been a victim of the flesh
I’ve foreseen the path towards destruction and welcomed the quest
I’ve broke hearts and manipulated minds, time after time
And through my sinful nature I’ve committed crime after crime
I know mankind is born dying, and the devil lies
With vices such as drugs, sex and money trapping the strongest minds
Help me overcome all my shortcomings
All my evil desires
I wanna focus on heaven, and be reminded of the lake of fire
Allow me to resist temptation, and pass your every test
For I am a sinner, save me Lord, I confess.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I done ripped open my chest, cut my heart and let the blood run free.
Emotionally draining every piece of love I once had in me.
Everything I see is transparent, from the human soul, to the intellectual mind.
I'm in search of something I can't find, I see what I need but remain blind.
Have you ever chased something that was too good to be touched?
Have you ever accomplished the ultimate goal, only to find out success doesn't mean that much?Have you ever lost everything you were living for?
Have you ever gave your all but the world demanded more?
It can make a mutha fucka go insane, with the dangerous mind games.
I wonder why we search for fame, hoping that a world of nobodies remembers our name.
Hard to keep my focus, laughing and joking while the pain runs through my veins.
Leaving my mutha fuckin heart broken.
There's no telling what can bring on my sparadic rage.
I want to be free, but for the worlds safety, I'm trapped in my mental cage.
Smiling in my face, trying to destroy me when I'm not looking.
Then have the nerve to ask a nigga why he was born so crooked.